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SoMoCo stands for Southern Monterey County, the area where we live and the focus of our service. After being in King City for some time and dealing with unreliable internet service, unresponsive customer service and generally slow internet connectivity, we decided to start our own business with a goal to provide fast, reliable service to our neighbors. We know firsthand what a pain it is dealing with a slow dial up or satellite service which is why we run our service on fixed wireless. Our service is always on and we do not cap your data. Plus, we are right here if you have any questions!

If you are tired of dealing with DSL or cable providers who usher you to service reps in different states, or countries, join the club! We got sick and tired of that too. It is no fun to spend half your day on the phone with a service rep that has no idea about you or your area. So we will try hard to make sure that the people you hear on the phone will be the same ones you see working hard for you.


WISPs to AT&T Customers – We Got This

Late last month, in their fourth quarter earnings call, AT&T basically said that they are going to stop expansion of their broadband footprint, especially in rural areas. From the mouth of Randall L Stephenson, AT&T CEO:
...we have been apprehensive on moving, doing anything on rural access lines because the issue here is, do you have a broadband product for rural America? We’ve all been trying to find a broadband solution that was economically viable to get out to rural America, and we’re not finding one to be quite candid. The best opportunity we have is LTE. We are obviously excited about the opportunity to use LTE to get to rural America with the T-Mobile transaction.That having been set aside, now we’re looking at rural America and asking, what’s the broadband solution? We don’t have one right now.