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What is fixed wireless?

Fixed wireless connects two fixed points with a radio link across unlicensed spectrum. The technology has been around for a long time and is similar to the WiFi you use in your home. A typical installation requires that Client Premise Equipment (CPE) be placed somewhere on the residence where it has a line-of-site to our base station, or Access Point. After this is established, voila – you’ll be surfing! 

Are there data caps?
None whatsoever – surf until your heart’s content!
Why is fixed wireless better than satellite? 
First, satellite has latency issues. Latency is how long it takes a piece of information to travel from one point to another. If you are trying to use Skype on satellite, it simply will not work because of latency. However, with fixed wireless there is no issue with video or voice chat. Second, satellite is typically a costly service – it’s expensive sending those things into orbit! Generally, terrestrial service will always be cheaper and faster than a satellite-based service.
Why is this better than DSL?
Well, because we’re local and we can offer competitive data speeds! When you call us, we will work very hard so that you talk to someone who is located right here in town, not in the next state and not in another country. Additionally, while DSL can sometimes offer faster speeds, we will make every effort to offer quality service with consistency you can count on!
Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We are happy to have you go month-to-month. However, those customers who do sign contracts will be offered better up front deals on equipment and installation.
How does billing work?
We accept all major credit cards and will simply bill your credit card at the beginning of every month. We will email your receipt as soon as we charge your card.